UNIROW ASIA is a new style website mainly discuss about photograph. Just go to UNIROW ASIA and take a look on the images. Personally, UNIROW ASIA is not only about Photography. It also contains arts and Lifestyle. The pictures reflect on the ways how people start their life. Unirow Asia is developed by the Unirow student who have a great attention on Unirow Tuban. Let’s hope for the best to UNIROW ASIA.



during my free times, I read some posting from the other blog and found a something interesting in it. I don’t know how to said this but, you should check it by yourself to understand the meaning of life.

i feel there are some other aspect which are really affecting our live. reading the posting  made me so sad and I keep telling myself to keep moving forward.

Your life would be changed if you read this story. read it and feel the sadness.



there seems to be a useful information about TPL UNIROW. I have read it and it surely helps for the other who searching for some information on TPL UNIROW.

If you don’t know about TPL UNIROW, you should go to this site as this site hold the valuable information regarding UNIROW and some of the department in it including TPL UNIROW TUBAN. here you go, go get the information by yourself.


UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: my Love and my Life

UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: my Love and my Life.

the love story in unirow at the above link surely made me wonder. what is the purpose from this story. well the author didn’t seem to tell us about it. the author want us to dig the story and get the message from the story it self. as for me, I don’t really understand about it and i’ll pass it to you. go grab the story and tell us about it.

Unirow english learner: Make a good essay or Skripsi in UNIROW part II

make a good essay will be lots of problem if you don’t really understand about it. essay or skripsi is the last task that you will need to do when you wanna graduate from a university.

the essay was used to interpret who you are and what you give to the community or society at large.

the link below will guide and give you more clear vision about essay. beure to bookmark it in case you will need it in the future.

Unirow english learner: Make a good essay or Skripsi in UNIROW part II.

UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Unirow, Lembaran kisah nyata

I know there must be another different story about Unirow.

the author at arick.net showing us the feeling about the reality and some other fact in unirow. please take a note if this is only a story and the fact about it is still foggy.

I’ll give you the link in case you want to read the story by yourself. be sure not to attack the person but attacking the idea because by attacking the person you will be the another dumb as$ who is going to be added into the most stupid people in the world. there is a record about it lol. if you were attacking the idea, it would tell the world how smart and polite you are. just remember this basic rule and you will not going to be the another jerk in the net

UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Unirow, Lembaran kisah nyata.

Unirow english learner: Journals in the Language Classroom

Unirow english learner: Journals in the Language Classroom.

if anyone need more reference about journal, you could get the most of it at this place. lots of journal available online for you to take it. beware of some copyright material as the owner create it with lots of energy. giving some credit will be fine.



I got lots of experience regarding the story about KKN UNIROW. after read the story by following the link above, I realize if it is really great to have some story about KKN unirow in tuban.

Do you wanna know the story? check it out at the link above and prove it by yourself.


more stories about anak sma was being written in Ariana-UNIROW.blogspot.com to remain the old stories. This page was being updated temporary just to reflect the link change. It is a shame to let the old domain dies and the stories fade away with the fate.

dig more about them at UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Anak SMA.

UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Perikanan Unirow

the story is about Perikanan unirow, one of the another department in Unirow.

perikanan unirow is not well known by all the society but surely perikanan unirow will bring new fresh movement to all the people in tuban.

read more the story about it at UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Perikanan Unirow.

UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Mahasiswi Unirow

Talking about Mahasiswi unirow surely will made me so surprised. this is not about my feeling or whatever else. it is about the great moment while i was in unirow.

I used to talk and interact with so many girls at unirow while now, I have less chance to talk with them a many of them have been graduated from unirow. you should check this out.

UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Mahasiswi Unirow.

UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Blogspot blogger

UNIROW TUBAN NEWS: Blogspot blogger.

looks like there is a memory about being a blogspot blogger after all. this could be another alternative for any blogger which need to move into blogspot.

Unirow tuban news surely know the stuff.